Salento: the Quercia Vallonea (Vallonea Oak), Tricase, turns 900 years old

One of Salento’s many curiosities is a large Vallonea Oak. This majestic tree can be found between Santa Maria di Leuca and Otranto in Tricase. Its name seems to derive from a town in Dalmatia, Vallonia.

quercia vallonea posizione

More than a tree, it is a monument. At 900 years old, it is one of the oldest trees in Italy. It has a height of 20 metres while its circumference measures 4.5 metres with a crown of 700 square metres.

Quercia Vallonea di Tricase

Also known as the Oak of the Hundred Knights. Legend has it that Frederick II, passing through there during one of his many battles, found shelter under the tree with his hundred knights during a storm.

If it could speak, it would reveal a good part of our country’s history, but since that is not possible, let us at least try to respect it as if it were an old relative of ours..

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