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About Alessano

Holiday Homes, Apartments, and Villas in Alessano

Alessano is a small agricultural town located in the province of Lecce, specifically in the lower Salento region. Its historic center has a medieval feel, despite various restoration efforts by man, but in reality, it is home to elements from different civilizations.

In addition to being a very charming town to visit, it is also in an excellent location that allows for easy access to other famous places to visit, such as the towns of Specchia, Presicce, Castro, Santa Maria di Leuca, not to mention the wonderful beaches that dot the entire Salento coast, both on the Ionian and Adriatic shores.

If you want to spend your holiday in Salento in total tranquility, there are several vacation homes in Alessano, some of which even have a swimming pool.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent a vacation home in Alessano?

A vacation home in Alessano costs on average per day, depending on the season and the number of beds.

How much do villas in Alessano cost?

The cost of renting villas in Alessano, of course, varies depending on the period, but on average it is 290 euros per day. If you are thinking of taking a vacation with friends, we recommend choosing one of our villas with a pool in Alessano, ideal for young groups but also for families with children.

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Alessano?

The cost of renting apartments in Alessano varies depending on the period, but on average it is 100 euros per day.

Are pets allowed in your vacation homes in Alessano?

Many of our vacation homes in Alessano allow pets, this depends on the decision of the home owners. You can check it directly in the card related to the structure among the items related to “Services”.

What is the cheapest time to rent a vacation home in Alessano?

The cheapest time to rent a vacation home or villa in Alessano is from October to May, in what is called the “low season“, but which is actually also one of the best times for those who want to enjoy Salento in peace.

Where it is located Alessano

The Alessano train station is located 1.5 km from the center, and you can check the train schedules and routes by clicking here.

The bus stops in Alessano are two: in the square in front of the bakery or in the small square where there is the statue of Padre Pio. To check the schedules and stops click here.

The Brindisi-Papola Casale Airport or Salento Airport is 107 km away and there are several private shuttles that can get you there in just over an hour.

Alessano is located: 7.1 km from Novaglie, 7.3 km from Specchia; 7.9 km from Tricase, 10.7 km from Torre Vado, 10.8 km from Pescoluse, 12.9 km from Santa Maria di Leuca, 16.6 km from Lido Marini, 16.7 km from Torre Pali, 19 km from Castro, 24.5 km from Torre San Giovanni, 38.6 km from Gallipoli.

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