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Le Mule Suite and Rooms – Suite con Vasca Idromassaggio

About Specchia

Specchia is a beautiful town located in the province of Lecce, about 50 km from the capital of Salento.

This small village, a few kilometers from the sea, has become one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, rightfully so, thanks to its rich architectural, artistic, historical and gastronomic heritage.

That is why, over the years, it has become more and more known and chosen as a destination to stay in Salento. Vacations in Specchia allow you to discover the authentic side of this land, to approach the culture and learn about its history, to come into contact with the locals, to taste typical cuisine and to be in a strategic position that allows you to easily move around the whole of Salento. It is no coincidence that vacation homes in Specchia are increasing and tourists who prefer a quiet inland destination rather than the more famous and popular beach resorts are growing

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to rent a vacation home in Specchia in Puglia?

Vacation homes in Specchia cost 90/120 euros depending on the season and the number of beds.

Are pets allowed in your vacation homes in Specchia?

Most of our homes in Specchia allow access to pets, this depends on the decision of the home owners. You can check it directly in the card related to the structure among the items related to “Services”.

What is the most convenient period for a vacation home in Specchia?

The most convenient period for renting a home in Specchia is from October to May, in what is called the “low season”, but which is actually one of the best times to enjoy Salento peacefully.

Are there B&Bs in Specchia?

Yes, there are several B&Bs in Specchia and they cost between 60 and 150 euros per day depending on the season.

Are there villas with swimming pools in Specchia? How much do they cost?

Yes, there are beautiful, large villas with swimming pools in Specchia, ideal for large groups, and they cost an average of 200/300 euros per day.

Where it is located Specchia

Specchia train station is 2 km from the center and you can consult the times and routes of the trains by clicking here.

To check the times and stops of the buses in Specchia, you can visit the website of the province of Lecce by clicking here.

Brindisi-Papola Casale Airport or Salento Airport is 98 km away and there are several private shuttles that get there in just over an hour.

Specchia is 15 km from Novaglie, 6 km from Tricase, 17 km from Torre Vado, 7 km from Alessano, 16 km from Pescoluse, 21 km from Santa Maria di Leuca, 19 km from Lido Marini, 17 km from Torre Pali, 15 km from Castro, 22 km from Torre San Giovanni, 35 km from Martano, 130 km from Ostuni, and 34 km from Gallipoli.

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