Holiday homes in Ostuni

Below you will find our proposals for holiday homes, apartments, and villas in Ostuni with the best value for money. Your holiday in Ostuni starts here!

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About Ostuni

Ostuni is a popular tourist destination in the province of Brindisi, in the territory of the upper Salento. It is also known as the “White City”, due to the color of the houses in the historic center, which were painted white with lime for various strategic reasons, one of which was to avoid contagion of infections and diseases during the long period of drought from which the village was struck.

White is the color that still characterizes it today and makes it shine with light and beauty, the beauty that has made it so famous all over the world. Moreover, Ostuni is located in a great position, ideal as a location to stay during a trip to Puglia.

If you want to stay in the heart of Puglia and have both the sea and some of the most beautiful art cities within easy reach, there are many holiday homes, hotels, apartments and residence in Ostuni.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to rent a holiday home in Ostuni?

On average, a holiday home or apartment in Ostuni costs 120/150 euros per day depending on the season and the number of beds.

Are there villas with pools in Ostuni?

Yes, although there are not many, there are some villas with pools in Ostuni on the sea and the average cost is 300/600 euros per day.

Are pets allowed in rented homes in Ostuni?

Usually, pets are allowed in rented homes in Ostuni, this depends on the decision of the home owners. You can check this directly in the sheet of the structure under the “Services” section.

How far in advance should I book a rental home in Ostuni?

If you want to find apartments in Ostuni for the summer, we recommend booking at least 5 or 6 months in advance, because, being a very popular location, it could be difficult to find accommodation with the best value for money close to the departure.

What is the most convenient period for a rental apartment in Ostuni?

The most convenient period for renting a holiday home or apartment in Ostuni is from October to May, in what is called the “low season”, but which is actually also one of the best to enjoy Salento.

Where it is located Ostuni

Ostuni train station is 3.5 miles from the center of town, and you can find train schedules by clicking here.To view bus schedules in Ostuni, click here.Brindisi-Papola Casale Airport (also known as the Salento Airport) is 23.6 miles away.Ostuni is 75.6 miles from Alessano, 71.1 miles from Specchia, 75.6 miles from Tricase, 79.8 miles from Torre Vado, 79.1 miles from Pescoluse, 83.1 miles from Santa Maria di Leuca, 76.2 miles from Lido Marini, 78.7 miles from Torre Pali, 70.8 miles from Castro, 69.3 miles from Torre San Giovanni, and 56.3 miles from Gallipoli.

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