Torre dell’Orso: what to see, what to do, where it is located, sea, beaches [Guide 2023]

Torre dell’Orso is one of the most evocative and fascinating locations on the Adriatic coast of Salento, not so much for the town as for its sea. In fact, Torre dell’Orso is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in Salento, stormed in summer by tourists from all over the world.

Located 28 km from Lecce, Torre dell’Orso is part of the wonderful marinas of Melendugno (together with San Foca, Roca, Sant’Andrea and Torre Specchia). Due to its strategic position, it is an ideal destination to spend a holiday in Salento. Moreover, it is a perfect location for both young people and families with children. In short, Torre dell’Orso is suitable for everyone and it will be really hard not to fall in love with it.

spiaggia di torre dell'orso due sorelle

Torre dell’Orso, Apulia

Torre dell’Orso owes its name to the coastal tower situated on the rock close to the sea, dating back to the 16th century. Its function was to sight Turkish ships heading to Salento. “Orso”, on the other hand, is linked to several hypotheses: the first refers to the monk seal; others believe that it can be traced back to Urso instead, the surname of the owner of the area in the past; still others claim that it refers to Sant’Orsola and some others think that it is linked to the presence of a rock under the tower, representing the profile of a bear. In short, there are many hypotheses and we do not know the true origins of the name, but it is always nice to daydream, isn’t it?

What is certain, however, is its extraordinary beauty, also awarded Blue Flag and 5 sails by the Touring Club, for its clear and clean waters. Torre dell’Orso is also known for the Due Sorelle (Two Sisters), stacks submerged in the water just a few metres from the beach. A sad legend is linked to them, according to which two beautiful maidens went to sea in search of refreshment, but once they plunged into the stormy waters they were sucked up by the waves without being able to return to shore. Thus, the gods, moved, turned them into the two stacks bound in an embrace.

faraglioni di sant'andrea

Torre dell’Orso beach

Torre dell’Orso beach is an inlet of fine white sand about 800 metres long, bordered by two high cliffs and embraced by a thick pine forest. The beach is occupied almost entirely by beach clubs and beach resorts, but it also has free areas, where it is difficult to find a free spot if you do not get there early. In summer, in fact, Torre dell’Orso is packed with people and the best time to enjoy it in relaxation are June and September.

Torre dell’Orso bay is one of the few on the Adriatic coast to be sheltered from the winds, and the water is always clean even when the sea is rough, except in rare cases. Behind the beach, however, a pine forest unfolds, an ideal place to shelter from the extreme heat on torrid summer days. There are several ways to reach the beach: from the steps of the amphitheatre; from the central staircase accessible from Via Matteotti; or by crossing the pine forest in the direction of the “La Sorgente” and “I Caraibi del Salento” beach clubs.

Where to enjoy the sea in Torre dell’Orso: beach clubs in Torre dell’Orso

As we were saying, Torre dell’Orso lidos and beach resorts are numerous and there is something for everyone:

  • Lido L’Orsetta: ideal for families with children;
  • Lido Baia D’Oriente: very popular with young people;
  • Lido La Cueva: frequented by adults or families with children;
  • Lido La Sorgente: one of the largest lidos in Torre dell’Orso, suitable for everyone;
  • Lido I Caraibi del Salento: one of the prettiest establishments and suitable for couples and adults.

How much does a beach umbrella cost in Torre dell’Orso?

But talking about beach clubs, how much does a beach umbrella cost in Torre dell’Orso?

Actually, the price of beach umbrellas varies, both according to the period and according to the beach resort. You also have to take into account whether to take an umbrella in a resort or go to an equipped lido, where costs are usually lower. The difference between the equipped lido and the beach resort is that in the equipped lido you have the possibility of renting a sunbed and umbrella on a daily basis and placing it where you prefer (obviously depending on where you are on the public beach), whereas in the beach resortss the umbrella is fixed.

On average, the prices of beach umbrellas in Torre dell’Orso start from €15.00 per day for a beach umbrella + 2 sunbeds in June, rising steeply in August, when prices start from €35.00 per day.

How to reach Le Due Sorelle in Torre dell’Orso

There are two ways to reach le Due Sorelle in Torre dell’Orso:

  • from the sea: simply reach the beach where the La Sorgente or I Caraibi del Salento beach clubs are located, in the area south of the beach, and swim to the Due Sorelle;
  • from the cliff: if, on the other hand, you want to see the picturesque landscape from above, you can get there by car by passing Torre dell’Orso and continuing in the direction of Otranto. On the left you will find a guarded car park “Le Due Sorelle”, leave your car and continue through the pine forest towards the sea, in front of you will be a breathtaking view!

torre dell'orso due sorelle

What to do at night in Torre dell’Orso?

Torre dell’Orso fills up with people in summer, and for some years now the nightlife, which once belonged exclusively to Gallipoli, has moved here. In fact, near the tower there are several very nice clubs that play music, one in particular is La Casaccia, which attracts a lot of young people every night.

However, in Torre dell’Orso it is also nice to stroll along the main street, taking Via dei Pini, with its numerous small shops, and continuing towards the Giardini del Sole, with tennis courts, beach volleyball courts, merry-go-rounds, amusement arcade, playground, until arriving in Piazza Luna, where there are events for lovers of group and couple dancing.

To sum up:

  • The Tower and promenade area is most popular with young people;
  • The Giardini del Sole: ideal for families with children and young people;
  • Piazza Luna: suitable for families or adults.

We are sure you will find something interesting to do during your holiday in Torre dell’Orso and you will not have time to get bored.

Restaurants in Torre dell’Orso:

Whatever you want to eat, know that there are many clubs and restaurants in Torre dell’Orso, to suit all tastes and budgets:

  • Taverna del Pesce
  • Belvedere Restaurant
  • Carlito’s Ristopub
  • Bakè
  • SalentOsteria

In addition to the restaurants, remember not to miss a stop at Gelateria Dentoni, where you can enjoy excellent ice cream, cakes, croissants, pasticciotti, as well as savoury products and tasty aperitifs.

In the surroundings:

Staying in Torre dell’Orso is a great strategy to enjoy one of the most beautiful seas in Puglia and to visit Salento. There are many fascinating places near Torre dell’Orso, here are some not to be missed:

  • San Foca 4.5 km away;
  • Roca and the Grotta della Poesia 3 km away;
  • Faraglioni di Sant’Andrea 5 km away;
  • Martano 19 km away;
  • Lecce 28 km away;
  • Otranto 18 km away;
  • Castro 45 km away;
  • Maglie 34 km away;
  • Alimini Lakes 14 km away;
  • The Bauxite Quarries 20 km away;
  • Faro della Palascia lighthouse 23 km away;
  • Acaya 18 km away.

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