Torre San Giovanni: beach, sea, beach clubs and entertainment [2023]

If you are looking for the ideal destination to spend your holiday in Salento, Torre San Giovanni, Marina di Ugento, could be the answer. It is a small seaside resort located in the lower Salento, on the Ionian Sea. Of all the wonderful areas of Salento, we can say that Torre San Giovanni in Salento is, even today, the least touristy and perhaps most authentic, despite the fact that in summer it can accommodate over 50,000 people. In fact, its beauty and variety of landscape take it to the top of the list of the most beautiful places in Salento. In this article you will find out what to do in Torre San Giovanni in Salento, where the beaches and the wonderful sea are.

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Salento Torre San Giovanni what to see

What to see in Torre San Giovanni in Apulia?

Clearly the main attraction of Torre S. Giovanni is its sea and beautiful beaches: we are talking about one of the longest beaches in Salento, which, together with Torre Mozza, stretches for over seven kilometres. A long stretch of fine, light-coloured sand dotted with Mediterranean scrub, interspersed with coves with low dunes and a few areas of irregular rock.

In the heart of the ancient fishing village stands a chequered tower, overlooking the sea, which is not only a land and sea reference point, but also the oldest monument in the village. Built at the behest of Charles V in the 16th century as a defence against the Saracens, today it serves as a lighthouse, as well as the headquarters of the Coast Guard, in support of fishermen who have always risked running into the dangerous shallows in the area. A structure that looks absolutely different from the rest of the towers in Salento, but nonetheless evocative. All around it, revolve festivals and traditions. In summer, in fact, the Festa dell’Emigrante (Emigrant’s Festival) is held (usually in the first week of August), while in winter, at Christmas, a small outdoor nativity scene is set up. The tower also marks the boundary between the rocky area in the north and the sandy area in the south.

There are no other things to see in Torre San Giovanni, but there are several activities you can do in the area or visit nearby.


Torre San Giovanni village

The village of Torre San Giovanni does not have an old town, but it does have a seafront promenade, where you can find the tower, numerous clubs, supermarkets, bars and everything that allows you to spend a pleasant holiday in Salento. There is also a small harbour from which many boat tours in Salento depart. If you want to experience this, you can contact companies such as Pharus Boat, Escursioni La Torre, or rent a boat with Nautica Sea Blue.

How is the sea like in Torre San Giovanni?

The sea in Torre San Giovanni, calm with the north wind and rough with the south wind, is emerald coloured with gently sloping seabed, making it an ideal place for families with children.

The long stretch of fine, light-coloured sand is caressed by the clear, crystal-clear water into which one happily dives, and it is here that wrecks and treasures are hidden, such as the precious red coral, called ‘Corallium rubrum’, whose diameter grows by just one millimetre per year. Not only that, the seabed also holds the wrecks of a number of ships that sank due to the shallows, among them the merchant ship Liesen.

Extra tip: don’t miss the sunset in Torre San Giovanni because it is spectacular. Since you are on the Ionian coast, you can admire the sun setting on the horizon and reflecting in the mirror of water, drawing magical shades.

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Where is the Torre San Giovanni beach located?

Torre San Giovanni Ugento beach is located between Gallipoli and Santa Maria di Leuca, on the Ionian coast of Salento. If you like a sandy beach, you will have to reach the area south of the coastal tower; if, on the other hand, you prefer a rougher and wilder landscape, continue north and you will find the rocky area.

Apulia Torre San Giovanni beaches

The beaches of Torre San Giovanni are among the best equipped and best served in Salento, with a wide range of services available to tourists and locals. Unlike many other beaches in Salento, those in Torre S. Giovanni, thanks to their width, always manage to accommodate a large number of people without being excessively crowded. In fact, spending a day at the sea is a pleasant experience: ideal for those who want to relax, but also for those who prefer water activities and sports, such as pedal boats, canoes, surfing, diving and much more.

Torre San Giovanni is characterised by stretches of free beach alternating with beach resorts, offering everyone the opportunity to enjoy the sea as they prefer.

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Beach clubs Torre San Giovanni

In addition to the free beach, there are many beach clubs in Torre San Giovanni and all well served, offering a wide range of opportunities related to leisure, relaxation, gastronomy and entertainment. They are, in fact, the ideal solution for those who want a relaxing holiday with all the comforts to enjoy unforgettable days at the sea. Here are the beach clubs that we recommend in Torre San Giovanni:

  • Beach club il molo;
  • Beach club Sabbioso;
  • Beach club Onda Marina;
  • Beach club Coco Loco;
  • Beach club Oasi degli Angeli.

What to do at night in Torre San Giovanni?

Torre San Giovanni, despite its modest size, teems with bars and clubs that are very popular in Salento’s summer evenings. In fact, there is no lack of movida and fun, among the beach clubs and in the disco pubs, which offer events and music for pleasant evenings. There are no discos in Torre San Giovanni, but it is enough to drive a few kilometres to reach them.

If you are looking for events and discos, you can move to Gallipoli where you will have plenty of choice. Among the best-known clubs and beach clubs that organise events are:

  • Praja;
  • Riobo;
  • Ten;
  • Parco Gondar (especially for concerts).

If you are looking for where to eat in Torre San Giovanni instead, here are some suggestions:

  • Petra Nera Di Pierri Simone
  • Trattoria Lu Pescatore
  • Cool Garden

What is there near Torre San Giovanni?

If you want to discover the surroundings of Torre San Giovanni, there are many places you can visit, from the beaches to the most beautiful and authentic villages. Here is what to see near Torre San Giovanni:

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